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November 28, 2015

Defined as: the accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort:

In Manager Magic our ultimate aim is to improve the efficiency of an Agent or Managers business by streamlining the tasks that take time, that are tedious and that often require double handling and finding that information later when you need it.
In Manager Magic our aim is to provide you a one-stop-shop, a unified and streamlined system that makes ‘efficient’ for you for instance;

The application and profile data of an applicant when first entered, throughout the entire process of reviewing, interviewing and deciding on them joining your company, with a simple click that same information is used to display on their profile on your agency website if you want it to, without you having to double handle, re-enter, copy from email or pay someone to enter it.

Or the fact you have all your notes and information on your Artists all in one place, saved in the cloud, accessible from any device at anytime, like when they applied, when they were interviewed, what media you have added for them, whether they showed up on time, notes about them at any stage, job or personally related, easily accessible by your staff at any time. No searching in emails or trying to remember, we have that handled for you.

Or even the way the notifications work, every time you send a request to new or existing talent, they are automatically notified with the option for them to select YES I can confirm, I need to request another time or No sorry I can’t make it, all of this is updated in the system so you can see in your schedule these replies and again making it easier to manage your days from one place.

Welcome to Manager Magic.

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