About Manager Magic

Manger Magic is a purpose built entertainment industry specific tool for Agents & Managers to assist managing your agency/company and your Artists more efficiently.

Built by a team with over 20 years experience in online casting, and audition capture, scheduling and collaboration software (learn more here). We are a team with extensive large to small scale website development experience building sites for top global brands and many industry specific sites for agencies and casting professionals. We have a history of award winning innovation and we not only invented online casting 20 years ago but continue to lead the way in providing quality online solutions for our entertainment industry members globally.

Manager Magic is designed to streamline the entire on-boarding and Artist Recruitment process for Agencies, to manage the internal notes between staff, the notes on talent, the crucial profile, media and contact information on your Artists. Manager Magic gives you the ability to integrate with your company website, even our online casting system too to help with marketing and talent promotion. You can export crucial data on Artists at anytime as well as easily schedule interviews, profile photographic shoots and much more…

What we do?

Help Agents and Managers mange their company more efficiently

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MANAGER MAGIC is a cloud software solution dedicated to improving your efficiency, cutting costs & saving time.